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22 August 2008

I just keep not having time to post our most recent changes and thought I ought to do so now. We have our first showing tomorrow, so I am feeling a lot of relief. It is just so hard to think about what are plans are when the house hasn't sold, but that is not the point of this blog. So I will move on.

Front Room

First of all we had to remove all the old carpeting and base molding. Let me just take the time to say that I hate staples. There are always a million staples and yuck it took forever just getting them out before we could even think about beginning.
(Buddies eyes look especially freaky, like they are bugging out of his head)

So after we had finished returning all our kitchen appliances to their original location, we moved everything from the front room to the kitchen. After it was all in there Justin was like, "See, we can live in 200 sq feet like those little houses that are set up in Ikea", uh- yeah, sure.

We had to prime the floor first and let it dry for a night. Then we got started on the gluing. Justin put down the glue and I cut and installed the wood.

We had to get really creative for weights to hold down the floor, while it set. There were bags of sugar, flour, soda, stacks of books, large cans of pinto beans... The list goes on, so I had to get a picture of it all.

The first few things go back into the space! (after about 3 full days of it all a mish-mash pile in the kitchen) Oh, and be sure to notice the new base molding we installed too.

We had to finish installing the crown molding on the front wall.
We never actually finished this corner ( I masking taped it in the mean time and painted so it didn't look awful but was a little po-dunk). When we removed the kitchen wall and opened it up to the front room we left the wall unfinished with the intentions of moving the front door over and adding a long window next to the front door.
Later we decided not to make the effort to change it, which is sad. It would have added a lot of good square footage to the front room. Right now that space can only be used as a pathway. But oh well its done right?!!

This picture may be repeat, but the focus in this one is the finally finished corner in the front room, not the kitchen.

I don't know why, but I really like to place things together randomly and do it as unstudied-ly as possible. I like it to feel like they just kind of ended up there, like someone set the thing down and it has lived there ever since. Before the remodel I had a bunch of stuff up on the armoire that I really liked but have moved most of it to make it feel less crowded. So here is a picture, but I still liked it better when it was over stuffed and a little more random.

The finished product. I will have to take a few other pictures later. For now in the opposite corner, I have a lot of boxes of randoms to pack and haven't moved them out yet. Maybe by tomorrow....

Master Bathroom

So you've already seen the beginning of the master bath a month or so ago, here is the final project. And by the way, this project makes me the most sad about leaving this house.

Here, Justin is figuring out the wiring. He is also wearing my pink bandanna as a sweat band and I had to get a picture of his cute little head band!

The floor is finished, the wall are drywalled the new plumbing installed, the base is in, walls are painted, next the crown will be installed and then all the fixtures and wall-ah!

More to come, (yet again I did not finish) we have got to run to a friends house for dinner!


Mandy August 23, 2008 at 1:45 AM  

You are so savvy! I can't believe that those are even the same rooms when you guys get done with them. It is beautiful! You two are the perfect team and I am so dang mad that you don't live closer Cass!

angelasteele March 9, 2010 at 2:26 PM  

I really like the neutral beige color you've used in your front room. Do you recall the paint make and color?

Remodelaholic March 9, 2010 at 3:02 PM  

The color in Ralph Lauren, Throne WW24 from the Whitewash collection. It is a great color! Good luck!

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