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09 November 2008

Well, we are in our house, we have been in our house for a while now and I do have one bit of SAD, overdue news. We had a casualty one the trip over, and of course it is the one thing that I am always most nervous about.


It all started the first time we moved from our very first home, a split level apartment. We had to move the piano up and out. A month or so before our move, our friends the Elisons had moved from the same type of apartment. They destroyed their rented piano by scraping the whole front on the hand railings.

So, when it came our time to move, I was like "Oh be really careful." Of course under the pressure of moving the piano, their memories of my explanation of what to avoid got short and until they heart my screaming plea " Stop your scratching the front!! ****!!! ".

Now every time we move, I am sick over the piano. Well, so what did I do? This time I made sure nothing was sitting on it that could harm it. Or so I thought.

Go back 2.5 months- picture this, I am packing up randoms in the laundry room, the notice a huge plastic container, I think to myself "I don't need this gallon of cleaner concentrate?" No, I'll pack it in a box that is marked cake pans, and not mention that there are liquids in there.
Fast forward 2.5 months, "What do you mean the piano is wet? @#%$!!!!!"And so, now, we need to have the piano restored (it was a wedding gift from Justin's parents, so maybe we will restore it for our anniversary gift to our selves). Luckily, the keys and actual workings are okay, it is just the very front and center of the piano, that is ruined. But lets look on the bright side, I can now have a beautiful black piano.


andrea wardle November 9, 2008 at 9:05 PM  

ugggh. that stinks! My piano was blonde... was. I refinished it to a beautiful deep cherry. I would never refinish another piano again! Get it done professionally! Mmmm... black....

deidra November 9, 2008 at 10:12 PM  

It's moving time that makes me grateful we just have Chris's keyboard, which goes in it's nice (albeit huge) traveling case. We'll wait awhile to collect his piano from his parents house. Good luck with the refinishing!

Patricia H. Bradley November 10, 2008 at 5:19 PM  

That would be a beautiful to have it done black. Good luck at least it didnt get broken and not useable.

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