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Lights, Camera, Awesome

19 July 2008

I have been looking for a cool, semi-funky option for a light above the sink in the kitchen for months now. There has been nothing at the Home Dump-o or Lowes. I even went to a lighting store. While they had one or two lights that would work, I wasn't about to pay $200.00. Yikes! Even if I had the money that feels so wasteful!

We went to the local Habitat for Humanity donation center/store and found a great $10.00 light that matches the finish on our other light. It was brand new and I LUV it. It also gives off a lot of light! So I am more than pleased.

P.S. Obviously from the pictures we still have tons of work to do on the cabinets. We thought we would get a lot done this week now that Justin has some time off, wrong! It has been a free-for-all this week, and we have been getting home everyday after 9:00 or at least working til then. So, nothing has really happened in our house this week. And, we got some new handles and put them on our cabinets to try them out, but we have to fill the old hole and drill a new one, so some are hanging in weird angles.

Oh, also, I did get the bathroom vanity painted yesterday. I decided to spray paint it, although I don't recommend this option, pretty messy. But, it was a be fast project and has an oil finish, like the poly already on it. It turned out great.
We were thinking of replacing the vanity top. If we stay here we probably still will. But if we need a quick sale, it will work how it is, because the white cabinet equals out the white toilet.
We had a plumber friend who got us two free white toilets so we replaced the old almond toilets thinking we would replace the tub and vanity top too, uh, opps.
But since we may not have time this will have to do. I don't think it will be much of a problem. Oh and as you can see, Buddy helped a little, til he was escorted out of the bathroom at painting time.

There are definitely more bathroom changes to come.....


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