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Condo Kitchen Transformation!

03 August 2011

Condo Kitchen Transformation!

It seems only fitting for the final kitchen 'before and after' to come directly following our 2 year anniversary post - sort of an homage to the journey we've taken in our marriage during that time. Of course, this condo has taken quite a journey itself!  So, without further ado, I give you our kitchen - before, during, and after.


Notice the hen border along the top, and the striped wallpaper that actually contained hearts and flowers. Theresa, Braddy, and Whammy painstakingly removed every inch of this wallpaper the week before the wedding.

March 2009 116

Observe the chipping acrylic (or whatever it is?) on the cabinet doors.  I'm sure these cabinets were nice at one time, but they had clearly seen their day.  And what's with the fluorescent light above the sink?

March 2009 117
Ah, the refrigerator kegerator. Hubs and his roommate drilled a hole into the fridge to attach a tapper, hooked up to the keg inside. Unfortunately, they removed all the shelves and threw them away. (???)
March 2009 118

If this doesn't scream 'bachelor pad,' I don't know what does.  
March 2009 119
And finally, note the yellowed linoleum floor that was always sticky, no matter how many times you washed it.

March 2009 120



Phase 1 was clearly the most impressive - ripping out all the old cabinets and countertop and replacing them with brand new ones.  All of this work was done by Hubs and his dad the week of the wedding.  I still can't believe what they accomplished.  I was clearly nowhere around (and probably freaking out about something wedding-related), so I don't have any pictures of the work being done, only pictures I had from various times thereafter.
This picture was taken on my birthday, around 2 months after the wedding.  You can see the new cabinets, and also the paper floor.  Yes, paper.  Hubs started ripping up the linoleum before we had a game plan for the flooring.
To be fair, it did make cleanup so. much. easier.

Then the big fluorescent light fell down one morning, pushing the replacement of it to the top of the priority list.

Given that the hole in the ceiling was off-center, we were forced to get flexible track lighting.  I absolutely love it now.

Doing dishes by hand was becoming quite tedious, so we replaced the "potwasher."

Next to go was the fridge. I could only do so much without shelves.

And since one can only live so long with a paper floor, that was next to go.

Then came the stove and the microwave.
My creation

And in an unplanned turn of events, we decided to add a tile backsplash.

Next came the knife rack.

And then the very unplanned corner cabinets, tile countertop, and shelves.

Followed by cabinet hardware (Daddy, I did almost all these by myself too!)...

And FINALLY by baseboards. (HOT!!)


We went from this:

March 2009 116March 2009 117
To this:

I cannot. believe. we turned this kitchen into such a beautiful room by ourselves (and family, of course)! Yes, it took a longggg time.  But it was SO WORTH IT.

Now, if you'll excuse me while I go bake something in our super hot kitchen...

{Check out all the pictures here}

This project was contributed by one of our fabulous readers! We love to share your projects with this great blogging community. So, if you have projects from kitchen renovation ideas to small bathroom remodels, overhauled and repurposed furniture, spray paint updates you name it please send it in! Thanks for reading Remodelaholic!

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trophyw.blogspot.com August 3, 2011 at 11:38 PM  

Loving the back splash! I had those same ugly cabinets-although I don't they ever looked good. Here's what I did to mine: http://trophyw.blogspot.com/2011/05/kitchen-makeover.html

The Dutchess August 4, 2011 at 10:14 AM  

@ Sue - Thank you so much!

@ trophyw.blogspot.com - WOW. I cannot believe you were able to accomplish that. Hats off to you, dear!

Kelly August 4, 2011 at 2:16 PM  

Can you tell me what color the paint is? It looks like the perfect sage green that I've been looking to use in my kitchen.

The Dutchess August 4, 2011 at 3:04 PM  

@ Kelly - I'll check to see if I can track down the paint swatch once I get home. Stay tuned!

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