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Paper Filter Light & Paper Butterfly Wall Art

10 February 2011

 Paper Filter Light & 
Paper Butterfly Wall Art
contributed by Poodle Design

(Original German text translated with Google Translate)

Today I show you something I made last week or so
and indeed in our stairwell, only there are the before pictures,
as usual.
And then the finished pictures afterwards.
Have fun;).

The wall color looks from here as beige,
but in reality it is a light gray.
On the before and after pictures as well.


Please note the spectacular ceiling light, P

And what do you say?
Not so the cracker is not it?
The dandelions are but dolls;))

Okay, and now come after pictures!
The walls were freshened with new paint.
A new ceiling light was used and I had to
a little tinkering.

Paper butterflies ...

So what's the point?
I'm sure all of you Paul Villinsk i is a term, right?
If not look easy, then you know who I mean.
But when you see what I've done it,
then it falls to you again.
Soa, because I can not afford a real Villinski, (yet),
had oller, black photo cardboard ago
a pair of scissors, double sided tape
viiieeeel and patience!

Then came here;)

To be honest I have not counted all,
but I think it is so 150 to the piece.

Before I have my father (not pictured here;)), nor asked to
my homemade lamp to install finally.
Thank you for that;))

How to do it here, I need not explain
because the have done it in heaps all the others.
I took baking dishes instead of just coffee filters Muffin. 
Apparently there is no place in my perfectly ordinary white coffee filters!
In the whole area and not incidentally,
only the super from Melitta, duper brown
Coffee filters, need something not human;)

The lamp is not so bright, so
it looks as if
a swarm of nocturnal butterflies sitting on the wall.
But look!

Drum roll please;)
Here is the finished product!


What do you say?
I hope you like it;)


Suki February 10, 2011 at 7:16 AM  

That looks great! The butterflies look ready to fly away if anyone approaches.

Leena February 10, 2011 at 7:30 AM  

I say it is gorgeous! Especially the black butterflies. I have also a stairway I should decorate -this is not a bad idea at all!!!

Jenn February 10, 2011 at 10:23 PM  

Love the idea of using muffin cups instead of coffee filters! Hadn't thought of that one before!

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