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Computer Closet Office Remodel

08 February 2011

Computer Closet Office Remodel
contributed by Love From My Kitchen

Well after a few weeks of painting, tracing, painting some more, shopping, organizing tons of papers, putting together a chair and a file cabinet, installing shelving, hooking up electronics and labeling everything, I think the Cloffice is ready for it's big reveal! I'm not totally jiving on the placement of some things yet so I might play around with it some more but I really need to move on and get other projects finished up as well. We also did not add electrical outlets or a permanent light fixture to the cloffice because hopefully next summer we will be tearing this down along with the bathroom behind it to open up the  playroom and kitchen eating area to each other and make one big room back here.  We will add a cloffice, powder room and main floor laundry in  the hallway and other closet area that see in a picture below. 
Remember this is what it looked like just a few short weeks ago, this is just so emberassing:

And in the playroom was where we had our "office." I dare you to find a Target receipt or bill in that mess and pay no attention the window that needs to be trimmed out, it's on the list! 

Here it is, almost all cleaned out.....Mr.A really needs to find a home for his guitar!

This is what the dining room table looked like while waiting for all the papers and office junk to be organized:

I painted, traced and painted some more.  We finally got around to the end product, new flooring, painted and stenciled walls, new shelves and here it is, the big reveal!  

Ok, open those doors and let's see it:

Here is the before and after, once more:

And here was my inspiration picture from Country Living, not bad huh?  I would love to have a cute drop down chandelier and some globes but I was too cheap to buy a globe!  I'm hoping to find one at Goodwill.

I tried to think of all we purchased to make this happen so here it goes:
The cute little file cabinet was from IKEA $40
The white storage boxes were also from IKEA and were $7 for 2= $14
The chair was from IKEA and was about $20
The garbage basket was from IKEA $3 
The silver office stuff and file folders are all from Target for $45
The shelving and 1x2 boards underneath were about $30
The tow hydrangea pictures I printed out for free at http://www.graphicsfairy.blogspot.com/ and the frames for the pictures were from Target's dollar section  for a total of $2.
I repainted the bulletin board with silver craft paint for $1.35
The white basket we have as an inbox for receipts was $4.83 on clearance at Target
The lamp was on clearance at Shopko for only $8 (the original price was $79.99)
The cute little white flower pot/jug with  the flowers I had already was from IKEA  for $7
The little clear clock was from IKEA for $1
I also had to buy some more paint for the walls, I ran out, so $18 for paint as well 

Grand Total:   $194.18  

The price of having a place to put all our receipts, papers, bills, printer, etc. and being organized.....   PRICELESS!!!!

Thank you to Traci at Beneath My Heart for the closet organizing challenge, Jen at I Heart Organizing for the Paper Challenge help,  The Graphics Fairy Queen for the pictures in my cloffice and living room. Also to Emily at  Jones Design Company for providing the stencil and tutorial on the painted wallpaper!  Finally, the biggest thank you, to my partner in crime design, Mr.A, who lets me cook up these crazy projects and does his best to go with the flow and helps make my projects a reality!!!!  He laid all the stick tiles and installed the shelving, put together the chair, the file cabinet, the eletronic equipment, organized all the papers and survived a four hour shopping experience in IKEA with four children!!


Eric February 9, 2011 at 7:38 AM  

Looks great! I'd love to see a photo of how you hid the wires for the computer and printer, (so I can post it over on the cable hiding post at the MFG Forums.) Very clean.

alexas628 July 6, 2011 at 12:18 PM  

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Jaclyn September 12, 2011 at 1:56 PM  

Check out Clos-ette Founder, Melanie Fascitelli's own closet redesign and learn tips for how to organize your closet and find the right products to help do so in Lonny Magazine! http://bit.ly/pCNQmJ

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