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Concrete Letters Tutorial; Home Decor Idea; Guest

04 August 2010

This is a great post that was emailed in to me by Heather at Simple Daisy.  This is such a fun idea, and a  rather a new one...Concrete letters, at least I haven't seen it all over blogdom, but you will have to tell me.   This would be a fun project for a kids name... or your family name on a cool antique shelf...or your house numbers... or.... the possibilities are endless.  Check out her post:

I have seen concrete letters in many different places over the years and have wanted to figure out how to make them.
I looked up concrete forms.....WAAAYYY too expensive ..... so I kept thinking....
It finally came to me:) :)

I made one to see how it would turn out......
The "H" turned out ok.....as I was making it I ran out of concrete and had to hurry and mix some more and then add it to what was already there....
part of the letter is smooth and part of it is bumpy.
Still pretty cute I think:) :) 
But I made more to make sure they really would work out before I shared with you how to do it!

L.C. wanted to be in one the pictures!
Maybe she wonders why I didn't do the letters L.C. for her!!!! heeheee:)
Oh & I also made that little blue bench out of some scrap cedar someone was going to throw away.
People.....never throw anything away! You can always make something out of it!!

All I used was the table saw, a hammer and some nails!! So thankful gramps taught me how to build things:):)
It's not perfect but that's what makes it charming, right!?!?!?

Back to the concrete letters.....
They are so ridiculously easy to make.


Get some of those paper mache letters....
buy some concrete mix.....
sift it so that you are left with the fine particles of concrete....
add water and mix it until it is like a runny cake batter...
oil the letters with any oil or cooking spray {not sure if you really need to do this but I thought the concrete might stick if I didn't}
pour the concrete into the letters and let it set up over night....
Pop them out in the morning and you have yourself some super cute concrete letters!!!!!

If you want to hang them....just add a picture hanger to the concrete when you pour it.

Easy peasy:)
I will tell you that the color of the finished letter will depend on the concrete you use.
I like the color of the "H" better than the "vino" but I used different concrete for each.
I love these letters and plan to do some more....
plus they'd also make great gifts:) :)
And they are sooooo much cheaper to make yourself.....If you don't mind spending a little time to do it:)
Let me know if you give these a whirl!
There again.....I keep thinking I need to expand the things I sell in my etsy shop and these would be perfect!!!!!!
Maybe someday..........
Until then....I'll just keep giving away all my secrets of how I make things:) :)
Oh and in case you'd rather just watch how to make these..
I did a little video:)  Check out her post for the video!

I love the idea!  
And I actually like the crazy texture of the H, 
also you could dye the concrete... Seriously this is a project that just has my brain reeling with ideas.   
What do you think?  What would you make these for? 


too Blessed to Stress August 4, 2010 at 12:12 PM  

oh wow! This to me is kinda like a cool twist on concrete stepping stones.... only not for stepping. i could totally see these tucked in and around the base of a big hydrangea or daylily... LOVE it!

~ Emily N. from "too Blessed to Stress"

Annie Louise August 4, 2010 at 3:23 PM  

Oh my goodness,these are wonderful!!! Great Job.
Thanks for sharing--I may just have to whip some up- I am really into concrete things lately.

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