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Architectural Detailed Beam: Guest

30 June 2010

At La Maison Reid they are adding a nice new touch with an old architectural detail.

Architectural salvage

My living room/dining room is one big, boring rectangle with no architectural interest whatsoever. When remodeling this room recently we thought about putting in some columns with shelves but that just wouldn't work as it would have cramped the living room.  The next best thing would be to have the "illusion" that the two rooms were separated without losing the views from both sides or losing precious space.  That's when I started looking for a pair of antique corbels.

won bought a pair on eBay. Couldn't live without them.  You know how that goes!  I wanted to hang them between the two rooms.  But normally corbels are attached to a beam.

Beam?  What Beam?

Not a problem when you have a junk heap corporation yard like we do.

There's some nice aged redwood in there.  Just enough for a beam! 

We made a trial beam.  Thumbs up!

Gerry and my husband (The Professor) building the beam.

Supports are up.

Beam is up.  Time to nail it in place.

  Oops.  Poor baby. Not a good thing to hammer your finger instead of the beam :(

I love my new beam!

Once that finger isn't so sore we'll put the corbels up.

For now the corbels look nice on the sideboard. 
 Can you see the beam in the mirror? 

I love old architectural details and I love

 how they are going to use it in their 

home with a new beam.


Wendy June 30, 2010 at 1:31 PM  

Loved those corbels and that idea of where to put them! Great job. And inspiration. I found one little lonely corbel years ago. I carried it with me from house to house until finally, when finishing our basement, I had our contractor use it for one side of a built in desk. The inspiration part? I'm going to do a post about it on my blog! Thanks!

Stephanie June 30, 2010 at 3:00 PM  

OMG - what a fabulous idea for the beam and the accents. Instant GORGEOUS character. *making mental note...* =)

Heidi Marie June 30, 2010 at 4:17 PM  

we put up a beam sorta thing in my living room/kitchen to give the same affect! I love it! Yours seems much more architecturally beautiful. :) I should've got a few more ideas for mine!

La Maison Reid July 22, 2010 at 9:37 PM  

I was very upset when I saw my WHOLE post featured here. I found it quite by accident one night at 1am while surfing the web in bed. Not being advised that my WHOLE post was copied here is probably what upset me the most. I checked into it and found that you reserve the right to copy all or part of a post if it is linked up so I can't complain. It just would have been nice to be notified.

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