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Retro Remodel: On Flashback Friday

27 November 2009

Sheesh! it has taken me a week or so just to scan all the old pictures in.  We actually didn't get our digital camera for almost 2 years into the remodel, so, that was a pain.   Once we got the digital camera we also got much better at taking pictures of what we were working on, but there are still a lot of things I missed, bummer!

For now, this is how our retro remodels will work: 

  • I will show you the progression of the projects that we went through.
  • I may point out how certain things were done
  • I will try to explain some of our regrets or how we would do it today. 
  • I would love to hear any questions, you have and will either comment in response or do a whole follow up posts to explain how things worked out.
  • Once I have the explanation I will do a quick before and after post, for those of you that like to see the final outcome!
I am posting in the order of our actual remodeling, or how the rooms got done.  This is important because of how much we learned, not only the way we looked at, but also how we worked towards our projects.   We got better at reusing things as time went on too.  And the more tools we got, the faster and easier things got done!  ...not to mention we just got a little smarter!  

And, since I was learning how to be an interior designer in school I was trying all sorts of things.  I was being exposed to a lot of different ideas, and lets be honest I don't really have favorites even now.  So, a lot of what we did just kind of popped into my head.  Our plans changed design multiple times.  And since we lived in the house during the whole remodel, there were times I just couldn't take it anymore.  So I would occasionally find scraps or mis-mixed paints for our in between times.  OH, and last but definitely not least, we had NO money to spend on any extras, so we did and used what we could.  And got creative as possible.

Let's begin!
(I may not have the actual remodelling post done til tomorrow, so come back and check it out)


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