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21 May 2009

Since Justin and I love to remodel the house we are living in, we are used to changes. When living in the "project home", there are many times where we just have to make due. We are, if I do say so myself, pretty adaptive people and don't complain too much about "living in the chaos". I know some of our friends think we are nuts, but with the equity we've earned and the sale of both our houses in the first week, we'll deal, and happily too.

Of course, we are always doing these little "in-between" projects to make it livable in the mean time. But surprisingly, I like this because it really makes you appreciate the end result. It is also fun when you want to reminisce, for example "Remember in college, after we ripped out everything in our bathroom and school started and we ran out of time, so we lived with a tub and toilet for a year (no flooring, no shower no sink or interior walls- just studs), and had to wash our hand in the tub...ahh, good times"

We haven't done very much to any space in this new house. We are kind of at a stand still, trying to get the yard in shape while the weather is good, and getting ready for the baby. But back when we bought the house, the very first thing I did after our "2 week house closure- that should have only taken 45 minutes", as soon as I knew the house was ours? I went into the master bathroom and ripped out the disgusting, moldy, mildewey, pee-stained. probably been barfed on carpet!!

But, I must ask- Who is their right mind puts carpet in a bathroom?


Please I beg of you, never do this, it is gross. If you need something comfortable and soft under your feet, use a machine washable bathroom rug!

Back to the remodel- After ripping out the carpet, I scrubbed the concrete sub floor and we have been living without proper flooring ever since. We have been considering staining the concrete, but I am afraid it would be a little too slick for a bathroom, instead we will just be tiling. The problem is, we have a few other changes in mind before we get to that point, removing a closet, putting in another cabinet, installing a pocket door, things that will change the floor plan and therefore ruin a brand new tiling job.

Enter the in-betweeny projects!

Something had to be done, for my sanity, so I painted the walls with $5.00 paint, which now has become my third favorite mis-mixed color ever. I added an accent wall above the bath in a blue tone. I made drapes out of $8.00 worth of fabric and an old white cotton sheet for a liner. I went to the family dollar for cheap sheers and shortened them. (who ever designed our house put a 6' x 6' window, on the ground level, front of our house that looks directly into our master bath- genius?!!- I'll let you decide) Lastly, for my our "mean time" project, I painted the floor with yet onother mis-mixed, we'll see how it holds up, but hey at least it looks cleaner to the eye, and I can live with this til we get to demolishing and the remodel truly begins.

So here are the changes, FOR NOW:

(although the drapes will stay for sure and I LUFF the color too)

The Befores (from our walk through):

No color, wall and carpet are all the same light beigey-tan.
And when they moved out and took their rugs with them, the stains on the carpet almost warranted a crime scene investigation.

**Don't forget to play "Where's Buddy" while looking through the pictures.
Here is the blessed window to our front yard.
Undressed, although the walls have been painted at this point.
Here are the sheers, before they were shortened. They were really were a pain to get the same length, because while they said they were the same size, they totally were NOT.
The finished drapes:

Here are the pictures of the floor. I could never get all the plaster off the concrete from the darned textured walls- another pet peeve!!!

And finally, the floor painted and the random junk moved back in, totally not staged or beautiful but hopefully in a few months it can be. For now, I am just glad it feels sorta finished. Although, I am chomping at the bit to paint the vanity white, but all good things come in time.


Mother of 4, Caregiver of 8 May 21, 2009 at 9:28 PM  

I love doing projects around the house. We were always fixing up the old house but since we moved into the new house Oscar won't let me do any big projects. He said I have to wait at least a year before I can rip out carpet or change floor plans. I'm going crazy here.

About the floors - there is a chemical that etches the concrete and gives it just the slightest bit of texture so that it isn't slippery when wet.

hwilcox May 21, 2009 at 9:55 PM  

So, we just signed on our first house today! It definitely could use some sprucing up. I love reading about your projects, it inspires me. Hopefully Dallas and I can change things up a bit soon!

Tink May 22, 2009 at 7:15 AM  

Wow - it looks awesome!!! Our bathrooms had carpet when we moved in, too, and I wondered the same thing. The first time our toilets backed up, it was outta there!

deidra May 22, 2009 at 9:39 AM  

The same people who put carpet in a kitchen put it in the bathroom. *Shudder!*

I'm impressed with your in-between living luxury. I think I'd just complain.

Carrie May 22, 2009 at 12:17 PM  

You are the WOMEN! I love your in-between! You are just a little ball of energy aren't you!!!

Sharla May 22, 2009 at 1:35 PM  

Seriously... I think your in-between is better than my finished projects :). You do great work!

The Hunter Group May 24, 2009 at 10:57 PM  

I know what you should try, I have a friend that did concrete counter tops. A Mazing. Just a thought.

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