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Wait a minute, June is over??!!

01 July 2008

Oh where, oh where,
has this little month gone!

Oh where, oh where,
could it be?

I can't believe that it has already been a month since I last blogged! We have been soooo busy!

Here is the scoop-

1. We worked like mad the first week and a half of the month.

2. Then went to Utah for Justin's brother's wedding.

3. Upon arriving home we have been working every second of the day to make up for our vacation, since I now have three jobs during the weekdays lets just say I didn't get much rest.

4. I attended a fun girls night out with some good friends Friday night. I was telling one friend that I had to be sure I was home by 10:00 but of course, we all know that there is no way to get me to stop talking, so I was out till 11:00. Then, I was so worried I would be tired the next day I didn't sleep a wink. Self fulfilling prophesy?

5. Then, Saturday I planned a trip to the cannery for our branch. It is two+ hours away and even though we had reserved it, another group showed up as well. The lady in charge said we canned about double the normal amount of food. We finished at about 10 minutes to 3:00. And I might have broken the land speed record (and no doubt several speed limits) on the way to a baptism that the missionaries scheduled at 5:00. Three of us carpooled, my second counselor and the Branch President who was speaking so we had to get there. So we arrived in all our grubby cannery glory with 2 minutes to spare.

After a week such as this it should be no surprise to anyone that we still have our luggage in our bedroom, with the innards spread across the room in small heaps of pillows and shoes and dirty jeans! Lets just say I should be cleaning right now and not blogging,

....but blogging is more fun!


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