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Fabric Bulletin Board: Guest Remodel

02 August 2010

Andrea @ Willow Wisp Cottage has framed her fabric bulletin board.  See how nice it turned out.

There are so many inspirational, creative projects out there in blogland. I used to rely on HGTV and decor magazines for my inspiration, but since discovering blogs, I am overwhelmed by all the incredible talent out there. I have put many of these projects on my to-do list (which is ever-growing!). There are a few projects, in particular, that almost seem like an initiation right into blog-dom: one must attempt a memo board, use blackboard paint (on just about anything), and try glazing/distressing. In my most recent project, I've become initiated in 2 of 3 of these and what fun I had!!

The Project:

Today I tackled a memo board and distressed, glazed frame. I saw Centsational Girl's memo board tutorial and knew it was perfect for what I had in mind. She gives a great step by step tutorial 

Here is my abbreviated version:

My husband (my hands most certainly aren't quite as hairy!) cut some thin board to size.

I gathered all the tools I would need to tackle the project. I opted for a canvas fabric and simple black ribbon. The frame is quite ornate already, and there is some pattern in the room that the board is going in, so I didn't want the fabric to be too busy.

I placed 2 layers of quilters batting underneath and cut to size.

Using a stapler, I placed numerous staples to hold the batting in place (see? nice, smooth hands =) I lay out my ribbon to get a general idea of the size of the diamonds, and cut the ribbon to size (with enough length to wrap the ribbon under the board).
As per Centsational Girl's tutorial, I held my tacks with a needle nose plier, and hammered it down with a rubber mallet. Worked like a charm.

I did measure the diamonds to ensure they were all the same size. I didn't trust 'eyeballing' it.

Voila, the board complete....now onto the frame (although the board sans frame, is cute also!)

I finally was able to find some Glaze. I asked several paint stores and got funny looks when I asked for it. I wanted to say 'You know, Glaze, like what they're always talking about in blogland?' but I figured they'd really look at me strangely! I got this at Home Depot. One problem I did have, was tinting it. The salesperson really wasn't sure, so I decided to do it on my own at home and customize it for each project. I am ok with the colour of the glaze on the frame, but I think I'll go much darker for my next project. I'm still considering putting a darker layer on this too. It reads a bit orange-ish to me.

The process was easy: Paint it on, rub it off. So there you have it. Now I'm looking around for something to throw blackboard paint on.....love 
this idea from Kari & Kijsa (ohhhhh, how I wish they'd come back-LOVE their blog!!)

Nice job on the fabric bulletin board.  

I like how the frame turned out do you?


Melissa August 2, 2010 at 7:57 PM  

Love the frame!!! In fact, I want one too! This is one thing on my project list of things I want to make, I love how it turned out. Thanks for sharing!

Katie August 2, 2010 at 8:05 PM  

I am just a random person that recently found your blog.. And I LOVE it!! I would like to try so many of these projects..
I especially have been wanting to make one of these, for a long time! So, this is pefect! I will defenitly be making one soon!

Eileen August 2, 2010 at 8:26 PM  

I love it. the frame looks great. Thanks for the easy tutorial. I love these kinds of things.

robyn August 2, 2010 at 8:44 PM  

LOVE love this message board!

I wanted to let you know that I KNOW you are a busy busy lady but I received a fun blog award and I wanted to pass it on to you. Please don't feel obligated to do it, I just wanted you to know that I HEART your blog and I think you are a sweet lady! The award is on my blog if you want to see it and it's called A BLOG OF SUBSTANCE! Thank you for always sharing so many wonderful bits of goodness!

Andrea August 2, 2010 at 10:22 PM  

Thank you everyone for the sweet comments about my message board, and THANK YOU to Remodelaholic for featuring it =)))


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