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Very Consoling; Console Table Project: Guest

01 June 2010

I love a good homemade piece of furniture!  Something made from solid wood and Lori of Life as Lori did a pretty perfect job making this console table.  Her is what she said:

Remember this????  What WAS the Big Mystery!!!

I'm doing the happy dance.....  Can't you just see me???  I'm so happy I'm jumping for joy....  Are you wondering why I'm doing the happy dance???  Well, come take a look...  But first, do y'all know Ana from Knock Off Wood?  If you don't then you don't know what you're missing.  You have to visit her blog.  She's incredible....I've been looking for a console (couch) table for a while, but I could never find one I liked.  Well, I found some I liked, but I didn't like the price.  I went over to Ana's and found a couch table I loved.  I decided to make one.  Yep, I made one (by myself)!  I made candle sticks, so why not make a couch table, right? This post has lots of photos!!!

Now let's take a look at what I made, shall we??
This is from Ana's blog! I started with this photo and printed the instructions!
I went and bought all the wood and nails. 
Then I went to work and followed Ana's instructions step by step!  Very easy!
Here are the legs...
Base of the table.  Boy, is our shop messy.  Time to clean it up.
Putting the top on!
Here she is finished....  Well almost..  Still have work to do, but I'm one happy camper!!!
(silly photo, but keeping it real.  Now think Pointer Sisters and sing with me)  I'm so excited...and I just can't hide it...I'm about to lose control and I think I like it...Oh yeah!
Now that you've stopped laughing at the photo above here's another view of just the table.
I'm sanding!  Lots and lots of sanding....
I primed it and then painted.
I used a brown satin finish.

See my candle sticks?  Very pretty as well..

I didn't want to put a runner on it.  I will later!

It only took me about 4 hours to make, and it cost about $40.00.  The finising is what took me the longest!!!  I hope you like my couch table.  I know I sure do, and I made it without the help of my hubby, A.K.A. "The Drill Sargent" (O.K. he did tell me about safety, safety, safety, and sand, sand, sand, and then sand some more)!!! 
What should I build next?  Maybe a house??? Yea right!!!
One last photo of me jumping for joy!!!

That awesome jumping picture makes me want to yell "Toyota!" (please tell me you remember that commercial)  And the truth is, if I had made that table I would be jumping for joy too!  What do you think?


Eileen June 1, 2010 at 10:27 AM  

Love this! I checked out Knock off Wood and could't find the link to this post. Any chance you could email it to me? I would love to make one and then do the happy dance too!


Much thanks and praise.

Lori June 1, 2010 at 1:17 PM  

Thanks for the feature! I felt like I was in the Toyota commerical.

* Nancy * June 5, 2010 at 12:26 PM  

WOW - very impressive!! I'd be thrilled too if my completed project looked like yours!!! :)

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