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Give it Some Age; Painting Technique; Guest Post

07 May 2010

Mrs. Adventure sent this over to me to teach you all how to faux paint some walls.  Enjoy:

"So easy a cave man can do it"

You will need: 
A blank beige / cream wall. 

A glaze, I used Valspar's Mocha # 94825
(for a 12x12 room it took me 1.5 bottles of the glaze so about $30 bucks)

Then a small pan with a roller and a small pointy brush (See photo below)

A sponge (this small one worked the best for me, I know its more work but the finished product looked much better than when I tried the larger sponges).

Step 1:
Take a roller and roll a generous amount around on the wall like so:

Step 2:
Then take your sponge and start dabbing all over your rolled on paint.

Keep dabbing in between the blank spaces as well as the covered ones.

Step 3:
After you have done this a couple of times, the paint will start to dry. Once you get to the edge of the previous coat you can blend the two areas together this will create the "lines" you see on my walls. (see photos below)
(before blending)

This photo shows the wall after blending, As you can see the areas of overlap create darker "lines" make sure these are NEVER strail always curved for a more natural look and feel.

 Step 4:
Once you get to a corner, if you want the corners to be darker (like my room) paint this "pattern" in the corners first then fill in.

This way you can go back to the corners with a 2nd, 3rd coat to get just those areas darker.

After your walls are covered in your first coat (you will be sick of dabbing for sure). You can go back and add your "aged" cracks and seams.

Making Cracks:
Take a small paint brush and swiggle (is that a word?) a line on the wall with your glaze like so:

Then take the end of your brush to the end of the line and make the "ends" like a V like so:

Then to make the crack more "real" I took my sponge and lightly dabbed around the line after it was dry to make it even darker like so:

Adding more seams:
Ok to get that plastered seams look (like the photo below)
I went back after my paint was dry and make them simply by dabbing with a semi wet sponge in a line, and you can do these from the corners, ceiling or just down the wall (I did all three).

After going around and adding a dab here and there, and making cracks where you want them, YOU ARE DONE!

Hang your curtains and enjoy your new room.

Side note: Please forgive the photo, since I will be adding copper & paper to the ceiling I didn't bother ironing my curtains as they will come down again this weekend.

Great Job!  What do you all think?


Bonnie May 7, 2010 at 8:20 PM  

Okay, I am saving this post and going to use this technique in my dining room! I have the textured painted wallpaper below the chair rail and I want something that will make the design of the paper stand out. I think this will work if I modify it a little. Thanks!!!!

The Garden Bell May 7, 2010 at 8:30 PM  

Thanks for stopping back by the garden. I so love to find fellow reno's who love to see their hands dirty, spray with a can of paint, or pick up a ball of yarn, get out the water colors, plant something not knowing what it is for the surprise.

I think, I like you already... Please stop back by. There is always a glass of lemonade or...well, vino... for a visit into my journey.

Glad to be one, amoungst a few,

Kate-The Garden Bell


Chels May 8, 2010 at 12:32 AM  

I just wanted to ADD that the Valspar Transparent Glaze in Mocha is SOOO HANDY! for staining a too white frame, distressing a piece of furniture, it's my on-hand favorite! I did my island with it... both the top and the base. LOVE IT. you can go big and dark, using it alot, or a little for just a teeny bit of accent!
I think she did a great job! I know how time consuming these types of projects are!!! I know you spend ALOT of time doing a little, stepping back, doing some more... etc....
Looking good missy!

Sandy May 8, 2010 at 5:11 AM  

whow! Such a great looking wall... authentic and old world! I for one love it but my husband would say.. "It looks old and worn".. duhh!
Thanks for showing the way you did it!

And thanks for visiting my blog!


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