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Paper Christmas Decorations; Day 9

11 December 2009

....on the 9th day of Christmas my blog friend gave to me....

Criss Cross Ornament
(Criss Cross will make you Jump! Jump!.... Does anyone else remember that song...Is that how it went?)

Anyway, we are getting down to it, phew!  I can tell you I am excited for some free time.  In fact, I rented Julie and Julia while working on projects, and have been wanting to cook ever since.  I even made a low-fat creme brulee, and it was not that bad, but I want to do more cooking.  So, I am going to take a weekend break again (on the craft front)! Yeah!  Actually, my husband is staying home tomorrow and we are just going to clean and work on random projects 'round the house before his parents come in for Christmas! 
(Hi, Mom and Dad!)

Anyway, these ornaments are really simple. 
Here is another little template, now don't judge me on these,
I just drew them out really quickly and scanned them in.
The snowman from below and a quick Christmas tree
would be a great table decoration using the same criss-cross method- kid friendly for sure!

First, cut out the shapes, in two pieces of double sided paper
(I just glued the printed one back to back...)

Now you need to cut some slits.
With the shape above that has the open centers, there is a tiny bit more thought involved, let me explain.
The one one the left is cut from the top half way in, then halfway up from the bottom.
The one on the right is from the center half way in toward the top and bottom points,
and then cut straight threw the center.

Then you just fit the one into the other.
Now, lay them flat and hole punch near the top.
Next just put a small spot of glue near the seams to hold them in place.


 The second is exactly the same only easier.
You only need one slit from the bottom of one, and the top of the next.
Since I cut from the bottom of the printed shape, the solid shape will be cut from the top.

Just put them together, punch a hole and put a small spot of glue on there!  And presto, your done!


michelle@somedaycrafts December 11, 2009 at 11:40 AM  

These are so cute! I posted something like this a couple of weeks ago. I think I will feature this so people can make all these cute paper ornaments. Grab my "featured" button.

Tink December 11, 2009 at 8:12 PM  

The ornaments have all been so cute (though I'm a slacker and haven't done any of them yet)! And yes, I DO remember that song - I loved it when they'd play that at youth dances and everyone jumped around! (:

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