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Paper Christmas Decorations; Day 11

15 December 2009

....on the eleventh day of Christmas my blog friend gave to me....

This would have been the perfect 9th day, for Nine ladies dancing.  I just didn't get them done in time.  And so they are now the eleventh day, so oh well.  Lets just change the song to say Eleven Ladies Leaping?  Huh?  What do you think?

 I am going to start with the angel though.  I got the template and idea from Martha.  Also here is a picture from their site that shows it as a table decoration.  I think it is too fun!

So the instructions are easy.  (are you detecting a theme?  I really like crafts to be easy!)

Print template from Martha's link above.  Then draw it on plate. 
(or free hand it if your really good... by the way, I didn't free hand it!)

Embellish the edges with a hole punch, any way you choose. 
I also cut the edges of the wings with decorative scissors.

Then you just fold it around and slide the two cut slits together, and this is what you get.

Dancing Ladies
These are so fun, especially if you are or ever were a dancer. 
I wasn't... bummer, I still like them though!

First, I googled for Ballerina silhouettes.  I printed a few on cardstock and glued them to the back of my decorative paper, it wasn't card stock.  For this decoration you want to have heavy paper.
Now, cut out the silhouette.

I cut out some half moon tissue paper tutu's with pinking sheers, but I realized, a full circle would have worked too, then folded in half, which would have hidden the staples more easily.  (you could also glue the tissue paper like the ornament in Day 7, to give the skirt volume)  I just gathered into the center and stapled. Then I added a printed paper on top, stapled them together and glued a small piece over the staples.  Lastly, glue it to the Ballerina body.

I did a single layer skirt with a decorative top, all just glued in place.
Finally I did a folded circle version of just tissue paper. And just folded it over to hid the staples and glued it in place.

Here are the finished dancers:

The inspiration for this project is found at Urban Nest, isn't it lovely!
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LDH December 15, 2009 at 8:12 PM  

Hello! I think this is my first time visiting your sweet place here. I really love all of the paper ornaments you have shown!

I noticed the note at the top of your posts about a project/craft. I have made a folded paper German Star tutorial. It is a post from November so it is getting a little old. Just thought I'd mention it to you. The tutorial was part of a giveaway but that has ended. It is posted here:

I have become a follower so I will be able to visit with you often!
Kindly, ldh

Ramsey Revell December 15, 2009 at 8:55 PM  

OK, I LOVE your paper ornaments! Found you throught the DIY show off and immediately became a follower. I am definately a fan of budget remodeling! Can't wait to go see all you've been up to !

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